An insight into the tool and die course for students

17 Jan

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An insight into the tool and die course for students

An insight into the tool and die course for students

Many industry experts and insiders believe that the tool and design course is the mother of all courses related to machining. Any manufacturing procedure that deals with moulds, jigs, plastics, die casting and fixtures, prefer a tool and die design expert for their work. As a tool and die technician you are instrumental in creating various tools that are required to run the machinery. The job prospects are very high in this industry and one can also expect handsome salaries at the end of the day. As a tool and die technician, you also have the option of opening your own tool shop.

Prospects in India

India is the fastest growing country in the machinery and manufacturing sector. There is plenty of demand for tool and design experts. Even the top most companies like TATA for example are more than willing to employ such technicians. That is why we are seeing a growth of institutes that are offering the tool and design course offline and online on a short term basis. For a bachelor of engineering (BE), a short-term tool and die making course in Delhi can be very beneficial because it puts their career on the fast track. This is one of the quickest ways to find employment because as a basic engineer it is very difficult to find a suitable job in the relevant field.

Benefits for students with an engineering background

tool and die course is a good value add for students who come out with a basic degree. The best part is that these courses can be completed online as well. Several institutes facilitate online classrooms with simulation versions of the tool and die making environment. Further they get additional support from the institute with course material and extended time to complete it.

Another benefit of this short term course is that it is a lot cheaper than the actual diploma. Since as an engineer you already have adequate knowledge about metallurgy, this add-on course is simpler and easier to complete.

Any industry that is involved with production or manufacturing needs a tool and die expert for sure. Every industry that uses CNC programming also needs such experts on their side. In fact, there is no such industry today that does not use CNC programming machines. Much of the industrial processes or manufacturing processes are automated and all this is done by CNC experts. However, for CNC experts to create such machinery that run with precision based on the CNC program, a tool and design expert is required. They work hand in hand to create the most complex manufacturing and industrial processes. Even though both their job roles are quite different from each other, one cannot exist without the other.


Take any industry like bottling, manufacturing food items, packaging, medicines, and automobiles, all of them are automated and run on CNC programs. Given the wide application of the CNC programs, a tool and die maker can easily fit into any industry because they are not required to have in-depth product knowledge. A short term course does not take much of your time and there are several tool and die making course in Delhi that you can choose from. However, some of the important things to consider while choosing a tool and die making course in Delhi are:

  • The proximity to the institute in case you have to attend practical sessions
  • If it is purely an online course, then consider having good internet connectivity and coverage.
  • Enroll with prospective employers while you are doing the course.

So, do choose your course institute with care.

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