17 Jan

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Autocad Line Command

Autocad Line Command

Line command is the first command in AutoCAD to learn and this is very easy to understand that how to create lines in different manners so let’s start. We all know that to draw a line we need one start point and one endpoint so this is how we create a line. Line command is situated at the top-left side of the screen in home tab, to start line command just left click on command and command started. After starting line command move cursor to starting point in the working centre screen and press one left click where you want to make start point on centre screen, then move your cursor to endpoint of the line and you’ll see a blurred line is following the cursor to its end point and at the end left click on the screen to your end point, as a result, a line is created on the centre screen. Line command is a continues line command where continues lines are created. After clicking on every end point of line another line is shown for another line creation in the same continuation so this is called profile. To end line command just press Esc key in keyboard and finally, your line ends. If you want to make a line on x, y-axis only what we do is just press F8 button on the keyboard and the result is a line is created only on 90 degrees and 180 degrees or we say a line is created only on x-axis and y-axis. We can also extend the line after creating a line just click on the created line and we see an arrow is shown on either end of the line just press that arrow and pull the line as much you want from both sides. Selection of line is quite difficult as when we drag the mouse on left side green selection box is made and when we drag right side then a red box is appearing. Red selection box selects curves and other objects even when box touches half curve and green selection box only selects curve only when the curve is fully inside the selection box, we suggest red selection box is all time best and saves time in designing. This is how we create a line and select that line in a different way in AutoCAD. If someone is doing AutoCAD course nowadays we suggest to take training of both 2d and 3d designing course, or if someone is pursuing mechanical engineering so we didn’t suggest AutoCAD to them because AutoCAD is best only for architectural and civil field only. Everyone is taking training of AutoCAD software after completion of their degrees and diplomas for increasing their skill in their field.

AutoCAD is widely used in many reputed industries with best outstanding performance and outcome. Autodesk created this software in 1982 and john walker is the founder. Basically, Autodesk is the best choice in civil and architecture field but also used in electrical and mechanical fields. Nowadays many software are giving tough competition to AutoCAD such as Unigraphics nx, pro-e, etc but AutoCAD is still on top in civil and architecture field (best). Out of 5 AutoCAD rating is 4.5. Almost every cad cam institute provides training of AutoCAD software in daily bases in Delhi and in almost every city AutoCAD training institute is situated. AutoCAD is an easy to learn software and easily creates 2d and 3d designs easily. AutoCAD is famous for its 2d designing course. There are many institutes in Delhi where AutoCAD software training is provided in a good manner also many institutes in Delhi provides simulation training in AutoCAD for next level designing. Innovative Centre of Design isthe best institute for providing training of various CAD/CAM software’s.

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