17 Jan

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How to Extrude in Angle

How to Extrude in Angle

Hello, I am Rahul Sharma from Innovative Center of Design Incorporated as Qemiq Private Limited. This is the only best institute in Delhi where we provide the best training for CAD/CAM training. ICD is the only institute where injection mould designing training is provided at advance level. Today I will tell you how to extrude at angle in Unigraphics. Normal extrude at any distance is easy thing to do but extruding in angle is unique thing to learn. In beginning we extrude through x-y-z-axis normal vectors, now we want to extrude at 45 degrees. These are the different ways of extruding at angle. The entire vector commands used for extruding at angle is at vector dialog.

BY TWO POINTS: – This is easy method of extruding at angle and this method is not frequently used as compare to other methods. The name of method is two points so we have to give two points for vector selection. This is same as making a line by two points and angle changes at every second point and at that angle our curve extrude. In simple words the angle obtain by giving two points to vector and as a result our extrude angle changes to that angle obtained. You found rare institute where this type of training is provided and ICD is one of them. In this picture two points are given to the vector for angular extrude first point to the center of the block and second is at bottom left corner and the resulting angular extrude is shown. 

BY CURVE/AXIS: – This is easy method of extruding in angle and most frequent method also. In this method we have to give a curve as a vector having required angle at the required place. We have to make a curve having required angle at corresponding side of the extrude as shown in image. The curve which you want to extrude at angle obtains that angle same as curve you make as a vector. In this image a circle is extruding at angle and yellow line shown at corresponding side is vector curve at 110 angle and as a result our circle extrudes at 110 angle. This is how we extrude using curve and axis option in extruding command.


BY ON CURVE VECTOR:- This method is not frequently used as compare to other and this method is quite similar to previous method we discussed. In this method vector is defined by curve vector similar to CURVE/AXIS method but we will give spline as a vector as exception in this method for vector creation. We all know spline changes this vector at every point same is here the vector changes at every point and same extrude angle changes at every point. In this image a spline is drawn for vector and when spline angle is changing extruding angle is also changing according to spline.

 BY PLANE/FACE NORMAL:- This method used very frequently as vector is defined as angle of plane or face we selected. In this image we see a datum selected (yellow line is actually a datum) and our curve which is extruding changes its angle normal to the plane selected. Always curve extrudes normal to the angle of plane we selected as vector. This is how we extrude at angle by plane or face to normal. Normal means perpendicular.

 These are the methods by which we can extrude our curve at different angles. All other options are used normally in extrude by use of these extruding options. We at innovative center of design (Delhi) Trained engineers for future goals. Extrude is not at all a hard command. The way of teaching of teachers here in ICD is totally different from other institutes. Training is provided here from basic to advance for better understanding of commands. ICD is the best coaching center for engineers in Delhi.

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