17 Jan

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Today we will tell you how to use trim body command in Unigraphics NX. This is very important command of unigraphics NX and frequently used too. Trim body command is used to trim solid bodies and sheet bodies in unigraphics NX. Used for trimming off a portion of bodies through faces and datum parts. This command is situated in trim option placed in insert option in unigraphics NX. We can trim a body by faces and datum. In this image trim body command is shown. We have to select one target and one tool for trimming a body. In tool selection we have two options faces and plane for trimming through faces and new plane for trimming through a datum by creating in trim command.

How to use trim body command by face or plane method. We have to select one or two body which is going to trimmed in solid modelling as target. Then select the tool body through where we want to trim the body. If tool face has some x-form feature then the trimming body is trimming according to that feature. In the second image we are using face and plane option for trimming. Here we are trimming a 100 x 100 x 100 block shown in red colour and a face or plane in shown at 20 mm distance from right side face in orange colour. Here our target body is block and tool is plane placed at 20 mm distance we as a result our body got trimmed and our body is trimmed at 20 mm distance if u want to trim major part of that block just click on reverse direction and our major part is trimmed. This method of trimming is used when a plane and or a datum through where we are trimming is already drown. Whether the datum or a plane is in angle or at some distance doesn’t matter how far is that from target body but tool body must be cutting the target body. This method is frequently used in solid modelling.

The second method is by using new plane option. This is also frequently used method. In starting we will chose one or two target body and then select new plane option. New datum is created through this option. Datum is created by many types like at distance, at angle, bisector, curves and points, etc. we have to know the proper use of datum command for using this new plane option. In this image a 100 x 100 x 100 block is our target body and we make one datum for trimming this. In this image we use bisector datum creation method and offset that to 30 mm. As shown in image. As a result our target body is trimmed from minor side and if you want to trim major side just click on reverse direction option.

This is how we use trim body command through two methods. Innovative center of design institute which is incorporated as Qemiq private limited is situated in Delhi and fully developed mold manufacturing workshop is in Gurgoan. We ICD is the only institute in Delhi where basic to advance level of training in Unigraphics NX course is provided. This includes part designing and tool designing in unigraphics NX. This is the best institute for students of Unigraphics course training in Delhi. Training engineers and giving placement to students is the only goal of our institute (Innovative Center of Design).

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