International Student Innovative Center of Design (ICD)

Imagine you could redesign anything to fit a specific need—make it smaller, bigger or stronger.  Now imagine if you could actually “print” a 3D prototype?  As a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) engineering technologist, you’ll help turn great ideas into practical plans.

It’s a career that applies science to mechanical design, so it helps to have an analytical mind and good math skills. You’ll be involved in everything from design and drafting, to fabrication, 3D printing and prototype development.

The CAD/CAM Engineering Technology program is a two-year diploma offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus, Idylwyld Dr. Develop the knowledge and skills you need to put computer and engineering principles to work. You’ll learn to create, modify and refine proposed parts interactively, then view emerging designs on a display terminal where you can magnify, rotate, copy, stretch and manipulate it. You’ll learn to create instructions for computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines to automatically produce finished parts.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's experienced instructors and leading-edge lab equipment provide an exceptional hands-on learning experience. The emphasis on lab work includes instruction in:

  • CAD/CAM related engineering disciplines
  • CAD/CAM hardware, software and computer networking
  • operating machine tools (including CNC)
  • quality assurance, concurrent engineering
  • rapid prototyping