Know More About Offline and Online Unigraphics NX Training

17 Jan

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Know More About Offline and Online Unigraphics NX Training

Know More About Offline and Online Unigraphics NX Training

Unigraphics NX training class is an excellent starting point for engineers, program and designers with no experience or prior NX training. This course is a value add for your resume. It teaches you how to create, assemble edit and detail the features. Using parametric modeling practices, drafting techniques and assembly is taught in this course.

This course teaches users to effectively use all the basic tools that are essential to create feature based solid designs. We offer part files from varied industries so that it gives you the confidence to explore different options with the help of NX. The Unigraphics NX course equips the students to detail their designs using drafting applications. The course is available in online and offline modules.

Benefits: On completion and certification of the course you can explore the plenty of jobs available in the NX design field. You also have options to work as freelance designer.


The NX basics course provides all the tools that are essential to get started with NX. You can use NX on multiple platforms like design, drafting and manufacturing and is also useful to view models. The basics course introduces you to the key elements like Ribbon Bar and the Resource bar. You will also learn how to optimize the interface.

NX Parts

This is an advanced course offered after you complete your basics. The Unigraphics NX training module is helpful to create new parts, open up existing parts and translate the data from CAD models. You will also learn basic operations like manage, display and select objects. There are some indispensable tools like Constructor dialogs and Work coordinate system and this course teaches you how to use them as well.

The feature based modeling module teaches you to learn about Boolean operations, datum, primitives and its expressions.

There are two types of training, standard and custom. If you are a working professional you can opt for the custom training type and opt for an online course.

What courses should I consider?

  • NX
  • Unigraphics
  • Mold Design using NX
  • Solid Edge CAD

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