Machinery Training Course

Course Description

Believe it or not, mechanical engineers can actually influence life or death after all they are in charge of the machines found in aircraft maintenance equipment, motor vehicles, robots and medical as well as healthcare devices. Being a mechanical engineer basically revolves around machinery training as it is through the help of machines you can carry out research, design and testing. In order to become a good and perfectly capable mechanical engineer who deals with machines in an appropriate way, you need sound education and training.

There are many machinery training courses available but if you are looking for the best, you should seriously consider getting yourself enrolled into ICD.

Machinery Training Module0/7

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) 30 min

  • EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) 30 min

  • Moulding machine 30 min

  • Vertical milling machine with DRO 30 min

  • Lathe Machine with DRO 30 min

  • Grinding machine 30 min

  • Polishing machine 30 min

Machinery training requires intense care and attention after all, careful application of basic engineering principles and mechanical processes are needed to create machines and devices that productively serve on a daily basis. ICD, an inventive and well-known mechanical engineering institute in Delhi, helps you obtain this quality education and training in a fruitful manner.

ICD cleverly combines quality education by combining theoretical knowledge and practical training to ensure you benefit from the best of both worlds. Internship is provided to students in the institute’s workshop under the unrelenting and dedicated guidance of Mr. Ramesh Sharma, owner of R.S Tools Moulding Industry.

The course typically involves regular quizzes, group discussions, equipment training and regular practice tests. The workshop comprises of all of the required machinery that makes manufacturing moulds a trouble-free process. The curriculum is discussed with students over thirty minute lectures. After students complete the course, a certificate of completion is offered to students.

Students who complete the machinery training course can seamlessly engage in promising careers in any sector of the engineering industry.

Innovative Center of Design is incorporated as Qemiq Private Limited under the Companies Act, 2013. A certificate of completion of course is provided to our students by the Company.

Students who complete the machinery training course can seamlessly engage in promising careers in any sector of the engineering industry.

  • Regular quiz.
  • Group discus.
  • Regular practical tests.
  • Equipments training.

ICD is the best institute when it come enrolling in short term courses after graduation for those interested in gaining additional experience in the field of mechanical engineering. With quality training and high end expertise on its side, the institute helps to impart the most recent in the field of machinery training.

The highly qualified faculty perfectly intertwines with the integrated teaching approach. This ensures you gain skills that are at par with international standards which is a prerequisite if you want to get a good job and build a secure career. Enroll with ICD today and seal your future in the field of machinery training in the right way.


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