One of the sole purposes of obtaining a good education and gaining the right skills involves securing job placements that help to shelter your future or at least begin it on a good note. In fact, before enrolling into an institute, this aspect is considered an essential element when student’s shortlist courses they wish to apply into after their graduation.

ICD plays a crucial role in this process. It helps to offer you master job search techniques and also provides you with the education and practical knowledge you need to make you a confident and versatile asset to any organization.

With an internship at QEMIQ Pvt. Ltd., you are sure to become well versed with the most recent and upcoming mechanical engineering techniques that are taking the world by storm today. This practical training and profound theoretical knowledge helps you seamlessly put your well honed skills to the test in a variety of careers in the engineering industry.

In addition to providing quality skills training and education, we see that students are taught to write their own CVs. Other than this, through the help of the careers office and soft skills programme, students are given mock tests and taught vital job search techniques that help to make the placement process a less scary and more fruitful experience.

Finding a job after the course seems less daunting when you possess the right skill set and sound education. ICD helps to impart this vital knowledge to students in a thorough and precise manner. Our credentials, dedication and unrelenting spirit makes us a force to reckon with and helps students gain the necessary experience they need to become a valued advantage for some of the best job placements that exist.

We offer CAD/CAE/CAM software training to students at an advanced level. Our highly qualified faculty and high end equipments are a beautiful blend and works perfectly in tandem with the needs of the mechanical engineering students. This in turn helps students thrive and reach their maximum potential in the best way possible.

At ICD, we help students secure the best job placements possible. Our integrated teaching approach and varied choice of courses help you obtain quality education at its best. In this way, you can open doors to new avenues and secure your future in a clear cut and definite manner.


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