Tool & Die Training Centre Training Duration: Min. 100 Days
Tool & Die Course Online Classes: 4-5 Classes per Week with a Weekly Test
Best Institute in Delhi Classes Duration: Min. 1:30hr Classes
Best Online Training Course Practicals: After Completion of Every Module
Tool & Die course in India Classes Timings: Very Flexible (4:00AM – 11:00PM)
Tool & Die classes online Mode of Training: Online (Recommended) or Offline
Course fees in Delhi Volume of Students: Max. 3 Students in Online & 6 Students in Offline Classes
Tool & Die Online Course Study Material: Provided after every Classes (Soft Copy)
Best Online Training Course Teacher: Mr. Ramesh Sharma (35yrs Industry Experience)

Tool and Die Course Overview

For cutting steel in a proper manner which is not possible manually, Tool & Die machines get introduced for this. Tool & Die is Computer Numerical Control, a machine works on numerical programs (G-M Codes). There are many types of Tool & Die machines available in the industry and most commonly used are Tool & Die turning & Tool & Die milling Machine.

Tool and Die Design Course / Tool and Die Making Course is a branch of engineering based on the concepts and principles of physics along with material science. It requires the mechanists to design tools for various industries. The key educational qualification required for the Tool and die Course is 12th Pass. Our students are trained for working with hand tools and machines equally well, they are also taught a few other essential skills such as welding, grinding, polishing, assembling, milling, etc in our in-house lab. This Mould Design course also helps students to learn about material selection, maintenance of machines, industrial automation, tool designing, computer-aided designing, tool designing, manufacturing, and tool production.

Our Mold Design Course makes the students aware of the environmental and social aspects of all the designs and industrial production. Also, our Tool and Die maker Course syllabus. includes engineering drawing, mathematical calculations, usage of the latest technology, 3D-4D tool design drawings, knowledge of different materials, and their strengths and quality control, etc.. Our Mould Design Course in Delhi opens new horizons for students to explore and nurture their creativity and help them secure their dream careers. Many industries and big manufacturing companies seek to employ such trained personnel who can reduce their dependence on manpower. We have the greatest success ratio in our field. Our students are engaged with influential manufacturing hubs and big industries.

Tool & Die Course Faculty

Innovative Center of Design is Best Tool & Die training Institute in India because our faculties are world-class. Mr. Abhishek Gupta has 15+ yrs industrial experience in 5-axis Tool & Die with 6yrs teaching experience. He very well knows how to share his overall experience with students.

Tool and die Course Modules

  • Tool & Die classes online Injection Mould Design Course
  • Tool & Die Training Centre Casting Mold Design Course
  • Best Institute in Delhi Compression Mold Design Course
  • Best Online Training Course Rubber Mold Design Course
  • Course fees in Delhi Sheet Metal Design Course
  • training Classes prices fee Press Tool and Die Course
  • training Classes prices fee Hot-Runner Mould Design Course
  • training Classes prices fee Jig & Fixture Design Course

Questions Students ask:

Which software is best for Tool and Die design?

There are lots of softwares available for this Tool and Die Courses some of them are:

  • Unigraphics NX (Highly Recommended)
  • Solidworks
  • Pro-e
  • Catia

What is Tool and Die?
Die here means cutting and shaping metal by tools, mostly by the use of Pressing Machines & Tools created by tool and die designer for making a Die.
What is Tool and Die Designing?

Tool and die designing is used to manufacture a particular component weather it is a plastic component or a metal component. In older days moulds and Dies are manufactured without designing them or without using automatic numerical machines. But now trend has changed highly accuracy and precise moulds and Dies are manufactured using Tool and Die designing and automatic machines. An experience designer can do tool and die design with 0.01mm accuracy.

What are Sub-types of Tool and Die Courses?

Tool and Die course is sub-divided into 2 parts first is tool and die design course and second is tool and die making course. After Tool and Die course an engineer able to design any component and also design the tools used for manufacturing that component. There are sub-sub-divisions also of this course such as sheet metal design course, injection mould design course, casting tool design course, and lots more, tool & die is never ending field and continues learning and updating is important. An engineer can do only tool and die maker course but if anyone is pursuing tool and die design course then tool and die maker course is highly recommended.

Why ICD is best for Tool and die designing Course in Delhi?

Innovative Center of Design (ICD) a Tool and die Making Institute in India is the only institute with its own fully developed mould manufacturing workshop. Engineers can manufacture their own mould designs in workshop under guidance of experienced teachers, this boosted their confidence. As I already mention that tool and die is not at all an easy course and without practicals this course seems useless.

Innovative Center of Design a Tool & Die Institute in Delhi owns a manufacturing unit in Gurgaon (Delhi) where we allow students to operate Tool & Die Milling Machine in the presence of senior professional & run their own designed program on Tool & Die Milling Machine after completing Tool & Die programming training.

Frequently Asked Questions

This tool and die design course is not at all an easy course, this is last level of any design engineer. This course boosted salary and job opportunities of engineer.

This Tool and Die making course is a practical type course where an engineer learn assembling of die or mould, operating conventional or automatic machines, etc.

Yes, ICD provides internship after completing this tool and die maker course.

Yes, Innovative Center of Design (ICD) is providing Mould Design Course in Delhi through online and offline classes. ICD is famous for delivering online classes outside India also.

No, Knowledge of CAD software is Important before Tool & Die Design.

A mould is a type of machine that a mould designer designed used for moulding molten plastic into desired shape. Any plastic components are manufactured through Injection moulds and Metal Components through Casting Moulds.


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