17 Jan

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What is Auto CAD?

What is Auto CAD?

AutoCAD is the premier 2d and 3d drafting tool on the planet i would say that probably 70% of CADdy users use AutoCAD as a drafting tool in their workplace AutoCAD itself is primarily used for 2d drafting. In AutoCAD home screen at the top of the screen in the title bar and also in tabs just underneath the ribbon interface there on the screen. AutoCAD itself is a tool that allows you to draw and is replaces the old drawing boards of the past where we used to draw things on acetate sheets with rotring ink pens and so on so if i want to look at a particular drawing i can double click on the wheel of the mouse to zoom extents. Let’s take example, we want to draw a house two floor plan, AutoCAD allows us to draw these floor plan at full size and then generate plots with what is known as scale view ports to allow you to see scaled views and detail views of what you have created your design and what you are using AutoCAD for is to communicate your design intent so you can zoom in and zoom out also to view your floor plan (example ). Tools and graphics and icons and elements such as doors windows and dimensions allow you to communicate your design intent and that’s the whole idea of AutoCAD see ad caird stands for computer aided design so thats where AutoCAD comes from AutoCAD is auto computer aided design and it started many many years ago in southern California as a 2d drafting tool and had now developed to one of the most premier drafting tool in the world as we know it at a moment. This course about the latest version AutoCAD 2016 will take you through an introductory set of exercises and lectures to get used to the product and also get you using AutoCAD on a day to day basis being much much more proficient with it.

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What do we understand by CAD it is computer aided design and it is use of computer programs to create two or three dimensional graphical representation of physical objects that software is widely used by engineers designers and architects it is used to create and design a variety of new products and parts invite range of industries it enables users to test and learn more about existing products and parts in product and industrial design CAD is used mainly for the creation of detailed 3D solid and surface models or 2D vector based drawings of physical components CAD allows designer to model the entire object much faster and without the need to physically render the item in engineering both the form and function can be modelled and any designer flaws can be rectified before the creation of physical prototype in addition CAD allows for use of all standard symbols required for technical drawings and schematics CAD software is now incorporated into almost every educational program for example engineering architecture and designing CAD is widely used everywhere for example in jewellery auto parts buildings cars and lot more. The benefits of CAD include lower product development cost increased productivity improves product quality and faster time to market better visualization of the final product sub assemblies and constituents parts in a CAD system speeds the design process. CAD software offers greater accuracy so errors are reduced there are various types of catch software’s available in the market today which are specialized for specific applications last revit is for civil department catia pro-e unigraphics AutoCAD etc other departments like mechanical aeronautical automobile but the basic one is AutoCAD which was introduced by Autodesk to learn 3d designing you must first learn 2d designing and AutoCAD is the best platform you can get in the market right now with CAD your imagination is not bounded up to the sky it is beyond the limit of sky so give you leave to your imagination with computer aided designing.

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