What to look for in AutoCAD training courses

17 Jan

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What to look for in AutoCAD training courses

What to look for in AutoCAD training courses

Software technology has made lasting mark on different areas of engineering and design concepts. Today all professionals like architects, engineers, manufacturers and design engineers are using advanced software for design and automation like AutoCAD. As a result, several AutoCAD training institute have mushroomed all over India and only such professionals understand the importance of CAD software.

History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD was developed in 1982 and it became an instant hit when it was launched and was considered as the ultimate software for online craftsmanship. As time went by, this software advanced further when 3D and 2D extensions were added to it. This software is extremely portable and can even be used on a personal computer. This was revolutionary in the design industry because at that time most of the design software needed to be hooked up to the mainframe and AutoCAD broke all those barriers.

AutoCAD current day

In today’s AutoCAD, the 2D and 3D are still available but of course with some thousands of extensions. There are several businesses today reaping the benefits of this software and for an engineer, it is all the more useful. For en engineer, it is the de facto standard tool to learn no matter which industry they are employed in.

AutoCAD version

There are different types of AutoCAD courses available in AutoCAD institute in Delhi. If you’re thinking about enrolling in an AutoCAD course, there are a few things to consider, like the version of software, the features it offers and the training availability so that you can be prepared to take off with the course. The version of software that you choose should complement the area of studies you’ve done in your engineering course. The add-ons and software features should be chosen as per the design requirements that you will be involved with.

What to look for in AutoCAD?

As a mechanical and design engineer, you need to be constantly updated about software versions and new software launches. If you get too caught up with work, then you are missing out on your personal development. So the wisest thing now would be to get trained on the latest version of AutoCAD. And it is ridiculous to carry the knowledge of an older version.

You have to decide how you want to do your course, is it in an institute or do you want to do it online. If you choose to do it in an AutoCAD training institute in Delhi then you should look for something that is present in your locality as that makes a huge difference. Learning AutoCAD involves a lot of practice and if you enroll in an institute close by you can walk down or ride whenever you need to practice.


The best AutoCAD training in Delhi are not always the best choice, and your learning depends on practical exposure more than theory. However, a good training center will have a few options like online classrooms and so on. The online classroom sessions offered by institutes are followed up by weekly classes at the institute, and students can opt to attend that if they miss the online session.

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