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June 13, 2019
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June 13, 2019

How To Extrude Normally and in Angle in Unigraphics NX10

Basically extrude command is available in almost every CAD software like AutoCAD, Unigraphics NX10 or NX8 and Delcam. This command is used to convert 2D drawings to 3D drawings. Conversion of 2D to 3D is done by making sheets or solid body. This command is the most useful command in every CAD software. In almost every institute 3D designing training starts with this command. This command gives 3rd dimension to 2d drawings that are Z dimension or we say by extrude command we give proper height to drawings.


Extrude command is available on left centre corner side in the command window. By starting that command a dialog box opens as shown in this picture. You can extrude curves, lines, edges etc on any direction by this command. For extrude, we need to draw something in the 2d environment. You can create 2d drawings with or without extrude command it’s up to the designer. For entering in the 2d environment without closing this command, click on sketch section box situated in section corner in extrude command and after that just chose or make a plane where you want to draw and start your drawing. In AutoCAD, you must have curves before starting this command. Before clicking on finish sketch just check all dimensions and constraints and then click on finish sketch, this is how we create sketch without closing command.

Now you have curves to extrude, our first step for normal extrude is select curves which you want to extrude when you select a curve select curve counts your curve to (1). The second step is giving direction to the curve where ever you want to extrude. In many institutes, direction training is given only by an inferred method that’s why students didn’t know how to extrude in different directions other than x, y, and z-axis. We discuss How to extrude in angle after some time. Now after giving direction by inferred method its time to give limits to curve, this means giving height dimension to curve we are extruding fix start limit to zero and give some limit to end limit as per your requirement. If can give dimensions to start limit, a dimension in start limit is differed according to positive and negative dimension, for example, if we give 10mm dimension to start limit as the result out solid body starts 10mm above from our curves and vice versa. Make sure all the lower sections are set on none option for normal extrude. At last press ok and if you want to see the preview before conforming command-click on preview option at bottom center. This he how we extrude normally. Best institute in Delhi for part designing training.


Unite means adding a solid part on another solid part, this is also done without extruding command. This picture shows unite command in Unigraphics. By changing the Boolean option from none to unite you have to give a solid body on which you are adding a new solid part. The orange color is that block where we are adding part. The new part must be touching that solid part for adding new part otherwise nx10 gives you an error. This is how we add a new part in another part.


Subtracting in extrude command means deleting a portion of the part according to the profile we are subtracting. This picture is showing a block and a cylindrical block is subtracting from the block. Change Boolean option to subtract and select that object on which you want to subtract, subtract command cuts only that portion which is already inside that block. As a result, a cylindrical hole is made on that block. This is how we subtract solids. This is the best way of subtracting from extrude command.



Changing draft option from none to start limit. This option is used for giving all faces taper angle at the same time. This option works even when a Boolean option is on none. If you want to change the direction of angle, add a negative sign to angle dimension according to your need. This option makes the curve holding face stationary and gives the taper to all corresponding sides.

 This is the second option in draft, this is used when you want to give different angles to different faces of the body by making base face stationary. Different angles are added in the body by adding faces to sets, sets list are available in this command already.


This is how we use extrude command normally, we discuss in our next article about how to offset and extrude in angle for best use of the command. INNOVATIVE CENTRE OF DESIGN (ICD) is the best institute or we say only institute in Delhi for best training of these software like AutoCAD, Unigraphicsics, Delcam etc. this institute provides training at higher levels, as part designing training includes solid modeling, surfacing, reverse engineering, and analysis.

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