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June 10, 2019
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For the students aspiring to take engineering after their 12th, attending courses related to the subject during the vacation is more than beneficial. These courses make it very easy to understand what is taught later on and make you very efficient in the subject. Apart from helping you utilize your holidays to learn something useful, these courses help you add value to your CV. There are many engineering courses which students can choose from depending on their area of interest. Some of these courses cut across various streams of engineering and can help you get closer to your aspirations.

  1. CAD Designing
    1. What is it?
      • Computer Aided Design or CAD and Computer Aided Manufacture or CAM are software that aids in the design and manufacture of products. Used in the creation and manufacture of construction, architectural, and engineering designs; CAD CAM is one of the most widely used and sought-after software.
    2. Who should consider it?
      • This is course is beneficial for the students looking for a career in the field of design and manufacture. Several industries have made it mandatory to hire only those candidates with the knowledge of how to operate AutoCAD. Thus, having its certificate will undoubtedly set you apart from the other candidates.
  2. Tool and Die Making Course
    1. What is it?
      • Mould design or tool & die making is a computer-aided drawing course. This course will help you understand the specifications of certain tools and plan its progression of operations. You will also be able to set up machines and fix their parts.
    2. Who should consider it?
      • If you are aspiring to set your career in the field of manufacture (especially dies, gauges, machine tools, jigs, cutting tools, and moulds manufacturing), this is the right course for you. With such massive hands-on practical knowledge, no company can ignore your CV.
  3. CNC Designing
    1. What is it?
      • CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a cutting machine controlled by computer programming. Apart from the other things, you will be taught how to analyse the workpiece and select an appropriate tool for it.
    2. Who should consider it?
      • If you have a liking for CNC Engineering, getting this certificate will definitely help you achieve your goal.
  4. Machinery Training
    1. What is it?
      • This course will help you get in-depth knowledge of machines, which is the heart of mechanical engineering. It will make you capable to deal with any machine used in robots, aircraft maintenance, and medical devices.
    2. Who should consider it?
      • Students who are interested in machines and its functioning will find this course very helpful. Every mechanical industry will rethink about your CV because of this certificate.

These are some courses which you can think of going for after 12th. These are all short term courses which you can continue even after get into Engineering. Having these course certificates will upgrade your CV as more and more companies are looking for candidates with practical knowledge and additional skills than the others. There is no better way of investing your precious time to mould your career than having these course certificates in hand.

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